Friday, August 12, 2016

It's the Little Things That Count

My heart goes out to all those who are permanently disabled and cannot look forward to getting better. That surely must suck. For the rest of us who choose to undergo procedures aimed at improving the quality of our lives, we get a taste of their daily hell. This could be a good thing since it will surely increase our compassion and possibly lead us into helping others less fortunate.

Another good thing about undergoing surgery, besides having that brand new functioning hip or knee or heart or whatever in place of the wrecked one that no longer served, is that during the interminable weeks of recovery that follow, you will come to appreciate all those things you once did without thinking or maybe even disliked doing sometimes, including but not limited to:

Going to the supermarket
Going out to the movies
Going out to dinner
Going out anywhere
Sweeping the floors
Picking something up that dropped
Carrying more than one thing
Having sex
Sleeping on your side
Sleeping all night
Taking long showers standing up
Taking out the trash
Soaking in a hot tub
Walking on the sand
Seeing the ocean
Picking up the mail from the post office
Seeing what's growing outside
Making the beds
Taking photographs
Carrying heavy objects
Doing errands for a friend
Working out at the gym
Rearranging the furniture 
Wearing jeans
Washing your car
Putting on socks
Having no pain
Being spontaneous

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