Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Call Me a Fat Liar But Please Don't Kill Me

Hey, don't blame me; I didn't draw this!
The Internet is full of false things. I usually stay on the side of truth, but this latest story is too juicy not to spread far and wide. Seems actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his 24-year-old model girlfriend were driving in a car that was rear-ended last weekend in the Hamptons. Neither one was hurt but an ambulance was called "just in case" and the car was badly damaged. The trash talk on the street is that 41-year-old Leonardo, who has never had a car accident before, had just pulled out of appearing at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton due to some personal financial problems, and next thing you know, BAM! 

Those Clintons just don't take no for an answer. Fortunately Leonardo did not end up on the Clinton Death List, a.k.a. the Clinton Body Count, which now numbers between 47 and 90 mysterious deaths connected to the culpable couple. Trump may be off-the-wall crazy and call people names, but at least he doesn't have you killed when you disagree with him.

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