Saturday, May 21, 2016

Your Life, Only Different

What if Trump wins? Then what? Is America an even crazier place, doomed to constant demonstrations, violence in the streets, brother pitted against brother? Certainly our lives would be different, if not overnight than surely over time. Hey, it could happen. Any little thing changes a lot of other little things, until a really big thing is completely altered. Think about it:

What if you had kept the baby?
What if you had married somebody else?
What if you had graduated from college?
What if you never went to college and took that job overseas instead?
What if your doctor was wrong?
What if you wrote the Great American Novel?
What if you never had that nose job?
What if you finally lost all the weight?
What if you weren't such a know-it-all?
What if you hadn't started doing drugs in high school?
What if you finally admitted you have a problem?

What if you found out your husband had an affair with your friend's friend?
What if your credit card debt lands you in jail?
What if he finally did leave his wife?
What if you just keep getting fatter and fatter?
What if your kid gets cancer?

What if you accidentally swallowed a bee?
What if your parents had been smarter?

What if you stayed at that job?
What if you hadn't been born rich?
What if you had been an only child?
What if you had been one of ten kids?
What if your mother had taken Thalidomide?
What if your husband finally quit drinking?
What if your house burned down and everything was suddenly gone?
What if you had stayed in Israel?
What if you gave up smoking, started meditating, eating well, exercising and feeling good about yourself and had nothing left to complain about?

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