Monday, May 16, 2016

What's A Voter to Do?

OMG. According to the New York Times, presidential hopeful Donald Trump kissed women on the mouth when he was a married man and running the Miss World beauty pageant, or whatever "Miss" it was. The paper began this sordid tale on the front page yesterday, a Sunday, the day everyone reads the paper even if they don't all week long, and then jumped it to two full pages inside. With huge photos of the defiled women. Yikes!

Funny, I don't recall them doing that when Bill Clinton was the President of the United States, shoving cigars up the you-know-what of a young female intern, whose famous blue dress got stained with his you-know-what somewhere inside the White House. Or writing about the several women who accused him of rape even before he became president. I guess the editors at the Times found all that Clinton stuff too despicable to publicize, their motto being "All the News That's Fit to Print."

So now we get to choose between having a serial kisser or a serial rapist in the Oval Office come January 2017. (I know -- Hillary Clinton is pretending to run, but she's already promised Bill will "handle everything to do with economics.") Tough choice.

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