Monday, May 23, 2016

This Too Shall Pass

Of these choices I like #2 the best. What fun the Future will be!

I am sick to death of the Internet. Sick. To. Death. Aren't you? Of course if you were born after the Internet was invented, then you have no memory of what real life was like before. Well I'll tell you: it was better. So you are probably thinking, "Well Andrea, just get rid of your Internet. Throw your computer away, get rid of your service provider, and just become a Luddite." Okay, to be honest I don't know what a Luddite is, not really, so I'll just Google it and be right back......Okay, so now I know. And yes, I am one.

Of course, the fact that it took me only seconds to find out what it means instead of two days is good, I guess. But then, having to go to a library instead of remaining stuck on my living room sofa might also be a good thing. I might meet new people. I might even make a new friend. Although, concerning friends, don't get me started. There are no friends anymore, not since the Internet. People don't call when they can just look for you on Facebook and find out everything they need to know. And forget getting birthday cards in the mail, that's done. Now it's just those automatic "Happy Birthdays" on Facebook, like that's supposed to count for anything.

And this blog. What is it? If I stopped writing this blog I might be doing something real instead, and by real I mean something that pays. And what the heck are you accomplishing by reading it? Nothing. Not one thing, except maybe my friend -- my real friend, from real life back in junior high school -- Melva in Florida who loves reading it and lets me know, and sometimes we even talk on the phone, with our real voices.

Okay, I'm done complaining since there's no turning back. I get some comfort from the thought that the Internet will be old hat someday, with future generations of multi-sexed humanoids amused at how primitive it was compared to the computer chips implanted in their brains at birth. I'm sure I'll be long frozen by then, and believe me I am not getting thawed out until the day when real people answer the phones instead of those robots that tell you to "push 1" for this and "push 2" for that. And when I do come back, I'm definitely choosing a different head.

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