Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Am Not Donald Trump

I am not Donald Trump, but I feel his pain. Somehow, since announcing his intention to run for president just about one year ago, he has been surprised by two things he likely did not count on. First, lots and lots and lots of people love him, want him to win, support him to the death and think he is their savior. Second, he has gotten lots and lots and lots of non-stop media coverage from reporters, newspapers, network and cable TV stations and radio hosts who realized early on that the mere mention of his name increased their ratings.

And for those two sets of naturally-occurring circumstances he is hated and berated by a random group of non-supporters who mock everything about him including his hair, the color of his skin, his sexy wife, his beautiful kids, his wealth and most of all his success. Not sure why. Seems crazy.

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