Friday, May 13, 2016

Going Potty

This whole gender thing is out of control. A female friend of mine -- and she's very female-looking, quite pretty with long hair, and nobody would wonder if she's a girl or a boy -- recently went to Planned Parenthood for a pap test, one of those services they provide for women's health other than killing unborn babies. And the very first thing they asked her was, "What gender do you associate with?" Really? She's there for a pap test and still they ask that?

These days the government, a.k.a. Obama, wants to get involved in every single aspect of our lives. Now he's "issuing guidance" on the whole transgender/bathroom thing. It's annoying, if you ask me, and surely not even mentioned in the Constitution (which by the way is hundreds of years old and was written by men who wore high heels, white tights and fancy wigs tied up with pretty bows) who should go into what bathroom. In all honesty, I have gone into plenty of men's rooms when A, the line to the ladies' room was too long or B, the only one was occupied and I really had to go, and on not one of those occasions was I drunk, or even stoned. (Okay, maybe once or twice I was stoned.) Nothing bad happened and nobody cared.

Do we really need a law about this? Are we idiots? I say if anyone is "confused," take a good long look at your genitals and then check any anatomy book and you'll find out what gender you are. Go into that bathroom. (Unless it's occupied, then go into the other one.)

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