Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Winning Ticket

Now that he is almost certainly the Republican nominee, The Donald has started putting out feelers for his VP. Based on a recent poll (taken at my house), fifty-percent of voters think Caitlyn Jenner would be an appropriate choice for his second banana, no pun intended.

Caitlyn is all things to all people: A man, a woman, and as an added bonus a tranny, thus assuring the entire LGBT, QRST and WXYZ vote. "She" is sixty-six years old, grabbing the senior citizens while at the same time winning over young people eager to rebel against the Establishment. And finally, she's got her own reality TV show, so between her and Trump they have tons of experience in front of the camera. Plus, her upcoming nude Sports Illustrated cover should rake in any stragglers.

Remember: You heard it here first.

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