Sunday, January 3, 2016

What Hath Caitlyn Wrought?

The photo above is actually an ad for couture clothing you likely cannot even afford. Yup, that's high fashion for ya'. Now I'm no trend-setter, and would never want to be, but I sincerely hope what we see here is not the beginning of one. For starters, the young women are appallingly thin, hold oddly graceless poses and odder expressions, and the one on the far right is a guy. Actually, not just any guy, but the offspring of Hollywood's Will Smith and his wife.  Jaden Smith is an up-and-coming actor and has just been named the "face" of the Louis Vuitton clothing line for women.

Okay, so I'm a dinosaur; I think men should not wear skirts or dresses or high heels. But I guess since old-fashioned sex between a man and a woman is so, well, old-fashioned these days, it hardly matters if women find men attractive, forget sexually appealing. Back in my day, men looked like this (or tried):

Whereas these days, men look like this:

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