Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Go Ahead: Ruin My Day

I heard from Anonymous again today.  
Naturally I deleted the insulting comment.

The world is full of hate. It's everywhere. I try to keep it out but it seeps in. One way is through the comments I receive on this blog, which is innocuous to say the least, and extremely innocuous to say the most. 

What baffles me is why someone would continue to read something they don't enjoy. It's completely optional, yet there they are, not just on my blog but on countless websites, spewing hate.

I imagine them at home, reading and writing. They sit on an overstuffed, sagging sofa, one with bits of grated cheese and potato chips smashed between the cushions, having fallen there during food orgies. 

They are fat, and maybe even smell bad. 

They have no power other than what they wield online. 

It's sad, but they still get me angry and even a little depressed. 
I can only pray they are not my husband's cousins.

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  1. So you finally saw a picture of me, in my native element. Ouch.