Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Jew in the White House

This year's Oscar nominees are all white folk and Hollywood is atwitter about the horror and the shame. Celebs of all colors are vowing to boycott the Academy Awards ceremony, except Chris Rock who is slated to host the show. Uh-oh; maybe he'll do it in whiteface. Anyway, it's all just too too.

But really, who cares? It's the movies, people, not real life. If you want to talk about something shameful going on in real life, why do we never hear about the fact that Bernie Sanders is a Jew, and it's time for a Jewish president? All we hear is that it's time for a female president, and the time for a black president has already come and gone. Now a decent Jewish candidate is running and actually picking up steam, but all we read is that he's a Socialist.

Go figure.

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