Friday, September 26, 2014

Things I Don't Understand

Gordon Studer
 The first hard-boiled egg 
Perfume and cologne
What's great about Bob Dylan 
How marijuana makes things seem funny
Hybrid cars
 How they prescribed Thalidomide for pregnant women
Why nudity is such a big deal
 Late night TV 
Why the President needs $55,000 worth of champagne glasses  
What are the Kardashians and why we care
Changing fashions
 How a pill knows which body part you took it for
Those nutty Muslims 
 Deciding to own a pit bull
Al Sharpton's fame
How surgeons do what they do
 Pelvic floor disorder
Weighing 600 pounds
Why Christmas still happens
 The moon and the tides
Why there is a White House
How nobody has demanded it be called the Black House

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