Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Off with Their Heads

I have never been to Syria. Who knows, maybe there are some nice people there, although that is really hard to imagine, seeing as how it has spawned the gang of extremist nut jobs who think nothing of sawing off the heads of total strangers -- and making a video of the ghastly process to boot.

Sadly, they will likely keep doing this since the world lacks a leader strong enough to stop them. Certainly our own president, off partying with the rich, has been most ineffectual and inspires no fear in the hearts of anyone, let alone the heartless. (I wonder how proud Michelle is of her country these days.) Of the most recent beheading, Obama said he would continue to "pray for the victim's family." I wonder, was he praying for the victim to come back to life? And Secretary of State John Kerry went one step further, saying that America will not stand idly by when one of ours is taken. No sirree. He vowed that we would "track them down" and "follow them to the gates of Hell." Hmmm, that course of action sounds almost as bad for us as for them.

My plan is easier: I say nuke them. I mean really, what are we saving our nukes for--something worse?

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