Wednesday, July 9, 2014

War and Peace

Hamas weapon check.
The news of the day is by turns distressing and odd. In the distressing department, Israel and Palestine are at it again, lobbing missiles at one another hoping to maim or kill citizens in populated areas. This started after Palestinian militants murdered three Israeli teens, and in retaliation, Israeli vigilantes killed a Palestinian boy. Those two simply cannot play nice, and the rest of us have to hear about it all the time. Really, they should just have their own playground and leave everyone else out of it.

Brazilian fan breakdown.
What's odd is that the entire country of Brazil is "reduced to emotional paralysis" according to eyewitness reports, because they lost their chance at the World Cup in their game with Germany, which beat the pants off them; the final score was 7-1. I certainly understand how losing to Germany must suck bigtime, but really, have some perspective. It's a game. (See preceding paragraph.)

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