Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stump Yourself

Lately I have taken to playing a new game of my own invention. It's free and does not require being plugged into anything so I can play anywhere, anytime. It is called Guessing the Meaning of Words I Think I Know Before Checking the Dictionary Definition. True, this is a long and cumbersome name and I am working on a shorter one, but anyway you get the idea.

All you do is open the dictionary to a random page and look at any word, then close your eyes and try to come up with how you would define it if you were writing it, then open your eyes and check. You will be amazed at how hard it is and how wrong you can be. Last night I sort of got "protocol" right, but then who knew there are three different definitions for that word?

The best thing is you can play in the bathtub without fear of being electrocuted, which is what happened to my paternal grandfather when an electric shaver gave him a heart attack. (It's a long story.)

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