Monday, July 7, 2014


Face it: People are jerks. I'm not sure if there are jerky dogs or cats or horses or in fact any animals at all--certainly there are annoying ones-- but people leave no doubt that jerkiness is a very human trait. How we know for sure is through YouTube. Viral videos of jerky things that get watched by hundreds of thousands of jerks are proof. Then, in case you missed it, the jerky editors over at AOL's Huffington Post put them on their website so everyone who wasn't jerky enough to see them on YouTube won't miss out.

If push comes to shove, I'd rather have swine flu than be a jerk.
Case in point: A Canadian couple who were getting their wedding photos taken last weekend continued to do so despite a growing tornado forming behind them in the not-too-distant background. The photographer convinced them it would be "cool," since there had been another betrothed couple a while back who posed in front of a forest fire, and they made the big time. "Now lots of people are praying for a bad weather wedding," says AOL.

Then there's Obama welcoming all those illegal immigrants down at the Texas border, even though two of them have swine flu, which we now have in this country.


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