Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Harbor for Sale

This view could be yours!
Here in South Freeport, things are about to change: The lady I previously referred to as Snooty is moving away. (Dumpy, Lumpy and Frumpy, her dumpy, lumpy and frumpy cohorts, are likely quite distressed.) That means there's an opening for a new Town Crier, so if you enjoy knowing everybody's business you might consider taking her place. Her house is currently on the market and sits up high on a hill, commanding perhaps the best view of the harbor (and many of the neighbors' bedrooms).

There are also several other lovely properties on the market right now in our teeny little village, which doesn't happen often. If you think Maine is where you'd like to hide out from Hamas, Al Qaida and the Taliban, check out South Freeport on Trulia.com and consider moving to our little paradise.

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