Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Facebook vs. Real Life

                        Gordon Studer
This morning I had a nit-picky exchange with someone I once knew and who just recently became my "friend" on Facebook. He was surprised that I had not seen many of his prior posts on his page. Well here's a news flash: Just because we are "friends" on Facebook does not mean that I see your stuff. (Does the word "unfollow" ring a bell?)

Kids today are cruising for a bruising, growing up as they have with this intangible "thing" ruling their lives. Even 20-somethings who spent their formative years in reality have succumbed, with each waking moment spent head down, shoulders scrunched, spine twisted, scrolling and clicking away, so we can all just imagine the horrors awaiting today's toddlers who start out thinking their computers and iPhone screens are real life.

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