Monday, July 14, 2014

Call Me Esoteric

Last night I caught a snippet of a TV show about a suburban housewife who writes a blog about all the things she buys at Costco. In fact that might be the name of the blog, I'm not sure. Her thrice-weekly posts show photographs of herself shopping at Costco, and then back home, all the stuff she's bought there over the years. For this she earns thousands of hits daily and hundreds of comments and tons of fans, not to mention being featured on that TV show. Fool that I am, I've never been to Costco. My blog has few fans, gets almost no comments ever and is a big flop.

So I asked my husband, "How can I make my blog popular, since writing it is my favorite thing to do?" He said I should write about something I do or know that appeals to the masses.

No can do, since I hate the masses, all of them huddled, yearning to be free, in the shadow of Lady Liberty. They remind me that we are all just ants or grains of sand on the beach or drops of water in the ocean, which is why I steer clear of them at every opportunity (except rock concerts), instead deluding myself that my life matters.

On the other hand, I do like pizza, which the masses adore, but I can't remember the last time I ate any since it is not such great nutrition. I like doughnuts, also quite popular, but again I rarely have one and when I do I get the plain kind, no sprinkles or frosting or jelly filling or dusting of cinnamon whatsoever. I missed a huge blogging opportunity when I cancelled  that hip replacement surgery, which would have made for a great series of ongoing posts, especially if I had gotten an infection afterwards or needed revision surgery.

So really, all I have to sell is my cynicism and my art. Shown above is a recent painting of mine that I like quite a lot.

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