Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Haiti Today, Maine Tomorrow

"Happy Orphan with Sewer Garbage"
A few friends have asked me, "How was Haiti?" They suggest I write about it. The thing is that for me, Haiti is so last week. Remember--all we have is now, and right now I am in Maine, and it's still cold--in fact it's going down to 20 degrees tonight. Whereas Haiti was so hot, but that hot feeling is totally gone. Like all the other stuff, which is sort of sad, really.  Anyway, this blog is supposed to be funny, and I can say for sure that while Haiti is many things, funny is not one of them. (Some not funny things: lots of garbage in open sewers, rubble in the streets, houses half gone to ruin, hundreds of orphans.) Besides, the places we visit are colored by our unique personal experiences, so it's impossible to tell anyone anything about anywhere, really.

For example, I spent the week with my dearest friend, met a few special people who scored a 10 on the Rouda Likeability Scale--which hardly ever happens--and learned a new art form I plan to pursue. So of course, for me, Haiti was great! Besides, that was then. Still, before I forget, here are some things I noticed that are worth mentioning:
1. My high blood pressure was gone. I felt great physically. Much better than here.
2. The people all seemed happier there.
3. My flight to Haiti from Florida was half as long as the one from Maine to Florida. It's so close to the States, yet so foreign.


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