Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blah Blah Blah Ginger

Gary Larson's best cartoon.
I declare war on the following words: amazing, awesome, unbelievable, fantastic and brilliant. Unless of course whatever it is one is describing actually is any of those things, which is highly unlikely. Chances are if something were truly amazing, the person would not be hanging around Facebook saying how amazing it is but would instead be calling CNN or FOX or People magazine to arrange an interview and become the next big thing with an amazing story.

The English language is going to Hell in a handbasket, whatever that means. I guess a hand basket is a basket one holds in one's hands, like maybe the one Little Red Riding Hood took to Granny's house. I personally have never seen anyone carrying a handbasket, and if they had one, would they necessarily be on their way to Hell? Are there a lot of these baskets in Hell? Also, is hand basket one word or two?

I am streaming my consciousness here today because A, this is my blog and B, it doesn't matter if I have 212 readers one day and 89 the next, or if it's about something pithy and profound or dumb and annoying--nothing changes in my life. So maybe today will be an 89 day; big deal. My son has gone off to live alone in the woods of Northern Maine for several months and I am worried/excited/nervous about it. I hope he doesn't starve/get rickets/ meet up with an axe murderer, because let me tell you, he brought along an axe that could do the job.

I need more coffee.

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