Monday, March 11, 2013

Facebook Fantasy World

In Facebook World, we air our disparate concerns with no thought of anyone else: 
Bananas represent slavery in the Third World. 
Drink smoothies to be healthy. 
Update your status to respect those who died of cancer. 
Woo hoo--I'm a Grandma--again!
Check out my new manicure, white dots on blue polish!!!!!!!
Those Republicans suck.
Watch this great video of dancing bunnies, you'll love it!
Fewer households own guns.
Pema Chodron this, Pema Chodron that...
Here's what I cooked for dinner last night. Yummy!!!!
My son's in surgery, he has a broken foot. :(
My cat died.
Here's me and my wife at a ball game.
I got a new puppy, isn't he cute?
 I did 75 burpees yesterday.
I love Michelle's new bangs, don't you?
Read my blog, it's funny. (Trust me.)

When really we should all be concerned that the new 28-year-old leader of North Korea, whose brain will not be fully formed for another two years, hates America and is eager to test his new nuclear toys.

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