Friday, March 8, 2013

Days of Future Past

The newest smash hit book series that will be grabbing all of us soon at the movies is called "Wool." It's about a post-apocalyptic society where the survivors live in an underground silo. Their lives are a living hell. Outside the silo is certain death. Anyway, post-apocalyptic things are quite popular. Another crowd-pleaser from a few years back was "The Hunger Games," also set in a future that looked like the past. Apparently people love to imagine us all getting blown to smithereens by some unknown force like Kim Jong Un. The survivors are often dressed in animal skins and still have plenty to eat, and nobody needs a root canal or has a hernia or high blood pressure. It's interesting that disease seems to vanish along with all of our modern conveniences in these stories. That makes it easier.

Another March day in Maine.....
Here in Maine, it snowed again last night. Now the streets and roads and footpaths are covered with more of the stuff, making walking difficult if not hazardous. Which means that my Cabin Fever will return today. In an effort to use my time indoors wisely, I am going to try to come up with an idea for a blockbuster novel that will spell financial freedom for me and my progeny, if I ever have any, beside the one I already have that is. I've got the time and I've got the inclination. Now all I need is an idea. I'm thinking maybe my survivors will all live in underwater canyons and feed off of plankton and brine fish. I just need to work out how everyone can breathe underwater and not drown. Possibly the explosion caused people to develop gills. A minor point. Another idea is about how it snows all the time and people are forced to stay indoors, tormenting one another and themselves. They start talking to their pets who become ever more demanding. They make a lot of vegetable soup and play computer games and lose muscle tone from lack of outdoor activity. I'm thinking of calling it "Cotton," you know, playing off the white of the snow. But that's just the working title.

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