Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blind as a Snake?

I've barely been awake an hour and I'm already freaked out about two things. That's a record, even for me. First and worst, I discovered a recently-shed snakeskin lying on the kitchen floor. Second, when I screamed about it and called my husband to share in my disgust and horror, he scoffed, picking it up and saying, "It's not a snakeskin, it's a piece of dust." As he brought it closer and was able to actually see the thing, he then flung it away and shouted in agreement that yes indeed, it was a snakeskin.

Not sure which is more disturbing: The fact that a larger-than-the-skin-we-found snake is slithering around our house, or that my husband is blind as a bat and refuses to wear glasses. Okay, so he wears glasses sometimes, the drugstore kind, in fact there are like 42 pairs of them all over the house. In every drawer, in his briefcase, in the car, in my purse. Just never on his face. Which is where most people who need glasses keep them.

Mitch assured me it's just a garden snake, which makes me feel the tiniest bit better. But what about his eyesight?

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