Thursday, March 7, 2013

50 Shades of Distracted Driving

What is this world coming to? Or rather, to what is this world coming? Today I ran into a friend who I consider to be intelligent, erudite and well-read, someone I respect and admire and yes, even learn from. (From whom I learn? Grammar is so annoying sometimes.) She abashedly--I assume you can do something abashedly since you can do something unabashedly, but am not 100% sure, kind of like the whole "disgruntled/gruntled" thing--anyway, she abashedly admitted as to how she's recently been listening to Fifty Shades of Grey on her car radio driving to and from work. Several things came to mind immediately:
1. Oh please.
2. Gag me with a spoon.
3. How can you listen to an erotic novel full of detailed sex scenes while you're driving? I mean, wouldn't that be sort of distracting? Especially here in Maine, what with all the water and the bridges and the harbors at every turn; anything could happen. (See photo.)

Anyway, she knows who she is and I certainly will not name her here, and she barely reads this ever so she'll never know how disappointed I am in her. But hey, the author of those trashy novels, three of which led the New York Times bestseller list when last I looked, should be commended for roping in a member of the (until now) intelligentsia.

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