Sunday, November 6, 2016


 Kendrick and Affleck run some numbers that don't add up.

Even though the plot is a bit hackneyed and riddled with loopholes and unanswered questions, The Accountant is a good, old-fashioned, edge-of-your-seat nail-biter. Starring Ben Affleck, who seems to get better with age, as an autistic math genius (reminiscent of Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind), the film is also surprisingly violent so get ready to squirm as the body count mounts. The violence comes from Ben's other job, as a highly paid number-cruncher for Mafia crime families and similar unsavory types. Now, along with being fairly nutty he's very rich, possessing drawers full of cash, gold bars and foreign currency as well as original paintings by Jackson Pollock and Renoir, all of which is stashed inside an Airstream trailer parked in a storage locker.

A heavy-handed author's message is woven throughout the film having to do with autism, which, as depicted through disturbing flashbacks to our hero's tortured childhood, looks like a horrid disease. You'll leave the theater with a heightened awareness about it, and in this upcoming season of giving may consider a charitable contribution somewhere.

I've already said too much, but there are a couple of other things of note: In a supporting role, John Lithgow lends a respectful feeling of gravitas to the situation, and Anna Kendrick is simply great as a young accountant who gets mixed up in the whole bloody mess. Her performance is so authentic and un-Hollywood, she virtually owns the movie. If for no other reason, see it for her.

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