Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The 4 Worst Things About People

The absolute worst thing about people is that they die. This is a true bummer, especially when it comes as a surprise. Most things pale in comparison to that, but still there are many other negatives associated with being human. Following are but a few:

1. Despite accomplishing nothing themselves, most people believe they have the right to criticize others. This happens most often and most rudely on the Internet, a horrible invention that has brought about the continuing downfall of the local bookstore, formerly found in towns all across the country and surely man's greatest achievement, and the birthday phone call.

2. It is quite common and indeed acceptable for many people to abuse animals. This practice goes on constantly across America, mostly with dogs. These once proud creatures are now forced to wear costumes, endure long periods of solitude, and are often left locked inside hot or cold vehicles that are small and uncomfortable. More rare are instances of cats and horses being mistreated in similar fashion.

A dog dressed as a lamb. Why?
A dog dressed as a banana. Why?
3. Rather than paying homage to God, their Creator, many people instead honor celebrities. These are simply other people, often good-looking drug addicts and alcoholics and sometimes in possession of talent but more often just a great public relations firm, who offer nothing besides an escape from the reality mentioned in the first sentence.

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