Saturday, February 11, 2017

Getting Mad

Protesters against Betsy DeVos holding dumb signs.
Rage is very popular these days, especially among young people, but it seems to me that such a powerful emotion is often squandered on mediocre targets. Still in shock after losing everything last November, liberals are currently taking aim at Betsy DeVos, the recently confirmed head of the Department of Education, despite the fact that most of them have no idea what the Department of Education does or who Betsy DeVos is. No matter -- they heard she was bad so they jump on that passing bandwagon, scribbling a sign to wave as they scream at the woman just trying to do her job on Day One. Apparently DeVos is simply too wealthy to be able to help students get a good education and ultimately get into college, something deemed so important that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wanted to make it free for everyone.

Enough already with hating Donald Trump and his cohorts; why not move on and hate some other things? Like, for example, the continued existence of sororities and fraternities on college campuses, where students regularly drink to excess at parties rife with sexual assaults, violent hazings and the occasional death. Earlier this month at Pennsylvania State University, a drunken 19-year-old Tau Kappa Epsilon member fell down a flight of stairs at a fraternity party and was ignored by his fellow "brothers" for a full twelve hours. The following day he died from his injuries, putting an end to his highly-valued college education. If you've got some rage to spare, go out and protest that.

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