Monday, January 30, 2017

Just Relax, Woudja?

Remain calm. 
Things are not as bad as they seem. 

People are always looking for a scapegoat and this year it's Donald Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump! That's pretty much all you see and hear and read. Trump! Come on, he is just one man, one standard issue person, not the Devil, neither Satan nor God. He is not the reason you and everyone you know will die someday. It's not his fault that you have this knowledge and seek to forget it every waking minute of every hour of every day of your life, through whatever means possible: work, drugs, drink, movies, video games, sex, shopping, running marathons, biking thousands of miles, sailing around the world alone, lifting weights, climbing mountains or whatever.

Face it: You simply can't forget it, especially with people dying all around you every friggin' day, and so you need to hate someone for it and so now you hate Donald Trump and all the people who voted for him. But he's just a regular guy who sits on the toilet like we all do. Get over it, and realize that if he is truly evil and if America is truly a great country, then the rest of the government will stop him from doing serious harm, no need for you to take it on alone with your silly handwritten signs, which do nothing.

Try meditating, it might make you feel better.

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