Monday, December 19, 2016

Good Party, Bad Neighbors

Several years ago our wonderful next door neighbors, friends who we enjoyed spending time with so much, sold their home and returned to Park City, Utah because they found the people here in our little enclave, as well as Maine in general, so unfriendly. I sympathized at the time, but we are staying put despite that. And so over time we have tried harder to get to know our neighbors and have gradually discovered they are a great bunch!

Except for those NEW PEOPLE who bought the house next door. I have never spoken one word to them, although we have tried. The wife won't even return a wave! Now that is sick. The last straw snapped the proverbial camel's back recently when we invited them to our neighborhood holiday Open House yesterday afternoon. Almost everyone came with a few exceptions that were completely understandable, and the no-shows were polite enough to RSVP in advance that they couldn't make it.

Note to self: Buy bells.

But not the BAD NEIGHBORS. Despite  their being home at the time of the party, which was great fun by the way, they never even gave us the respect of an RSVP. Really, how hard is it to send a friggin' text or email if you are pathologically fearful of physical contact? People should try to remember that we are all in this together. I'll tell you one thing: From now on, as Tony Soprano famously said of his mother, "They are dead to me." If there is ever a nuclear holocaust I am not giving them, or their two little children, any of our stockpiled food and water. (Note to self: Stock up on food and water.)

PS: The party was great without them!

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