Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Heaven Couldn't Be Worse

I've always told myself that I'm not afraid of dying as much as having a lot of pain leading up to it,  but if that's the case I'll break with my own tradition and take some opiates. Still, I get wistful thinking the world will actually go on without me seeing how things turn out. But since Donald Trump was elected and things have gotten so ugly and promise to get uglier, I'm more open to it. Death, that is.

One clue that things are speeding downhill fast is the behavior of our current crop of teenagers. Sure, that age group has always been just shy of fully human, but now they're worse. For example, I just read about a group of eight teens who "heckled" Eric Trump and his wife who were leaving a Manhattan restaurant last night. As the couple crossed Sixth Avenue, witnesses saw the band of precocious darlings dancing around them and yelling, “Eric — fuck your father!” One of the more sympathetic hecklers, apparently oblivious to the meaning of his own words, shouted, “Love trumps hate!” 

So, as I consider the reality of being very old when this current crop of youngsters is at the controls, I feel better about moving on. Who knows, I might even get to meet Freddie Mercury.

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