Friday, October 28, 2016

What About Bill?

I just don't get it. All the Democrats, most especially Hillary Clinton, are having cows over Donald Trump's supposed mistreatment of women. He says bad things about them! He kisses them without consent! He's lewd, crude and vulgar! He called a Miss Universe contestant fat! He once even said his own daughter was hot! He is disgusting!!!!

Is this our future First Lady?
Then there's Bill Clinton. Back in the day, when he was the sitting Governor of Arkansas and then the sitting President of the United States, he mistreated women on a grand scale. He was lewd, crude and vulgar! He was accused of rape by more than one woman, admitted to a lengthy extra-marital affair with another, and willingly paid a settlement of $850,000 to someone else who accused him of using her as a prostitute on his whim! Then there was the occasion of his sexual relations, which he swore he did not have but later admitted to, with a young White House intern. But is Bill considered to be disgusting? No, not at all, in fact he is truly worshiped by each and every Democrat and has been named the most respected president of the last 25 years!!!!

Oh. My. God.

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