Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The White House Glue Factory

Besides the fact that I cannot correctly fill in all the states on a map of America and have no idea which Middle Eastern countries, if any, we are still friends with, I could never be President. One big stumbling block is that I lack the drive; my "get up and go" got up and went --  years ago. And all that shaking hands with strangers is out of the question; too many germs.

But the real trouble is age. Between my vacillating blood pressure and my fake titanium hip, plus that nightly dose of Miralax, I'm just too damned old, something my son (who I am no longer speaking to) took to reminding me of far too often. Still, being the same age as Donald Trump and just a year older than Hillary, if I wanted to run, I could. This despite the fact that most businesses in the private sector and many government agencies demand retirement at sixty-five. The Constitution has no such end date, stating only that a candidate for president be at least thirty-five. The two currently vying for the job as Leader of the Free World are both several years older.

Considering that by the time the average person enters their sixth decade their memories are weakening, arteries are hardening and various internal organs and external body parts have begun to deteriorate, I personally would sleep better at night if someone more vigorous than I were at the helm. (Also if my husband didn't snore, but that's another blog post.)

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