Thursday, August 18, 2016

Voting, Shmoting

Perhaps I've swallowed one too many painkillers since my recent surgery, but I simply can't understand why I'm constantly being hounded, via snail mail and email, to send money to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton so they can spend it on advertising saying how much the other one sucks. Or pay for lawn signs with their names on them, like that's going to convince someone of anything. Or do whatever the heck they do with all the cash that pours in -- order for pizza for the volunteers?

Seeing as how both candidates are millionaires if not billionaires, why can't they use their own money? As my husband loves to say, "If you wanna give a party you gotta pay the band." Thus I have decided to not vote in the upcoming presidential election. This has been very liberating as I am now free to laugh at all of their silly shenanigans instead of making an ulcer grow inside my body. And never fear, it matters not one bit to anyone since my teeny little vote which would have been a write-in for a decent human being would count for nothing anyway.

Imagine if they held an election and nobody came.

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