Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton's a Nazi! Who Knew?

Is Clinton giving the Nazi salute to throngs of her adoring supporters in the photo above? Your guess is as good as mine. (I think not.) Yet scores of deranged Democrats are today avowing that Laura Ingraham, Conservative radio host and a speaker at last night's Republican National Convention in Cleveland, closed her enthusiastic, pro-Trump speech with a "Nazi salute" when she waved goodnight to the crowd. It's nutty! Even Hitler must be spinning in his grave.

Come on people, grow up! We all want the same things in this short time here that we call Life, so why must there be such a poisonous divide between the two parties? While I have many negative thoughts concerning Hillary, mostly that she dresses badly and is a serial liar, I don't think she's a Nazi.

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