Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's Never Too Late

Most of the time I am quite out of it. This was not true years ago, when I was always very with it. But things have gotten away from me. For example, I don't binge-watch anything. To me the very word binge implies Entenmann's chocolate-chip cookies. I don't know anything about "Game of Thrones." Is it a movie? A TV series? A video game? Books? All of those? I have never heard Taylor Swift sing. In fact, I have never seen her do anything except attend all those award shows and date different men, then break up with them. Is that her talent?

It all started with those damn Harry Potter books. When the first one showed up our son was ten years old, and so my husband and I thought one of us should read it to make sure it wasn't too weird or crazy and possibly a bad influence. Mitch offered and plowed through the first one, said it was fine and that was that. Zack read them all and didn't seem any different, and so I saw no reason to follow suit. But then suddenly it seemed like everyone was talking about hogwarts and muggles and a wizard school in England and I was out in the cold without a sweater. (Is that even an expression?)

I'm going to start that first Harry Potter book today. Who knows where it will lead.

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