Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Who Would Buddha Vote For?

Things cannot go on this way. I think we can all agree it's time for a major change. Enough with the "same old same old" in the world of phony politics and phony politicians, none of whom have any idea of what it means to work for a living, unless you consider flying around the world on a private jet that has a shower and a kitchen and beds and staying in 5-star hotels and never needing to carry money or drive in traffic "working for a living." So, much to my own surprise, I am slowly coming around to being able to entertain the possibility of voting for Donald Trump as president come November.

For many people I know, this decision is considered a "no-brainer" in two distinct ways: First, that to vote for Trump one obviously must lack a brain. And second, since the only other choice will be Hillary Clinton, a lying, scheming, pompous, self-satisfied, screaming harridan who has gotten where she is by clutching onto her husband's flapping coattails and is, without him (and by the way Bill seems to have some health issues so who knows for how long he will be of any help) unworthy to hold the office, obviously voting for her indicates a lack of good judgment, making a vote for Trump a "no-brainer" in the traditional sense.

According to Buddha the purpose of life is to end suffering and be happy. Based on that premise he got pretty damn big and now has billions of followers. So I say we would all suffer less with Trump as president, since I truly believe he's got what it takes to prevent ISIS from cutting off my particular head, and yours too. Besides, what fun watching Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer all having cows together on election night! And imagine Hillary's concession speech -- now that will be something to see. Makes me happy just thinking about it.

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