Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Generation Gap

Even though they tweet and text and God knows what else, I certainly don't, many of our smartest young adults have such deep thoughts, usually sprinkled all over Facebook. Like "Why are we here, and what is the nature of existence?" They delve and debate, probing, ever probing into philosophical conundrums, seeking, always seeking, the Truth. Whereas people my age ask different questions, like "How many prunes are too many, and do copper bracelets really work for arthritis? Should I get a new hip? Is a better orgasm, or any at all, worth risking breast or cervical cancer?" Things like that.

That's one big reason why it's hard for Baby Boomers and Millennials to get along. That and the fact that most of them have never heard Mel Torme's velvet voice and so believe Taylor Swift is a major talent. Anyway, I wish them all well and hope that if any one of them discovers what happens when we die, they will tweet about it so we can all find out.

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