Sunday, April 3, 2016

So Much to Learn

          Marc Johns
Yesterday's post, in which I criticized Donald Trump for his recent gaffe on abortion, called out Ted Cruz for his anti-gay values, and excoriated Hillary Clinton for her general dishonesty, ending with a resounding endorsement of John Kasich, elicited a decidedly snide response from my old friend Anonymous. He (or she) declared me an "uninformed woman."  Now I'm wondering just what part I got wrong, although right off the bat I'd say "absolutely nothing."

Nowadays it's pretty hard to be wrong about anything if you have access to a computer. Anyone with movable fingers can summon up a laundry list of Clinton's misdeeds from the past, both distant and recent. I must assume that Anonymous is one of those lefties who flip out at even a timid hint that either they or their candidate could be wrong on any issue. Just not sure why they lack the courage of their convictions and refuse to attach a name to their opinions.

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  1. Phew! I thought for a moment I had suffered a stroke and posted a lefty comment... Wasn't me! :)

    --Tedinski a.k.a. Anonymous.