Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What Can You Say About Our Next President?

Marco Rubio: big baby, creepy, canned, smirking, smug
Chris Christie: fat, big fatty, obese, attack dog
Ted Cruz: smarmy, snarky, not nice, ugly
Jeb Bush: soft-spoken, smart, wimpy
John Kasich: smart, balanced, experienced, cool
Donald Trump: loudmouth, rich, adolescent, insane
Ben Carson: nice
Carly Fiorina: female
Hillary Clinton: shrill, dishonest, self-satisfied, full of shit 
Bernie Sanders: smart, Jewish, radical, adorable


  1. In a way, except for Kasich, who I know the least about but just think I don't like, your comments were, as usual, right on the mark!

  2. Right on neil re kasich, he is planning to de-fund planned parenthood in his state, that alone is a reason not to like him

    1. so what? why is planned parenthood considered so important? use birth control!