Monday, December 21, 2015

A Simple Question

An intriguing headline on the Huffington Post shouted "CHELSEA CLINTON MAKES BIG FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENT." Hoping it was that her mother had choked on a chicken bone and was no longer with us (just kidding), or that her mother had tripped on a banana peel and was in a full body cast (not really), or that her mother was just diagnosed with dementia (it's possible), or that her mother had come to her senses and realized she is not fit to run the country (if only), I bit. It turned out that the "big announcement" was that Chelsea had sex again and got pregnant again and is having another baby. And I wondered, this news impacts all of us how?

I am constantly trying to figure out how the lives of celebrities have anything to do with me, and why should I care that Charlie Sheen slept with thousands of women and is HIV positive and didn't tell anyone (oops), or that Bill Cosby, surprise, is and always was a sexual predator (I never liked him) or that any little thing that happens to some actor or actress or TV personality or talk show host or millionaire or billionaire who I do not know personally or is not responsible for running this country or another country or is not working on a cure for cancer or does not impact the lives of any of my friends and family in any way matters to me. Yet there it is, inane news about silly people, spread out for all the world to see, day in and day out.

Here's the simple question: Why is that?

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