Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scare Yourself Silly

I certainly don't want to come down with the Ebola virus, or its cousin, Ebola hemorrhagic fever. To that end, I will not be traveling to Africa or even to Atlanta, where they are right now transporting two American health workers ill with the disease for treatment. (See, this is one of the reasons to keep up with the news.) Not only do I hate vomiting and diarrhea, but internal bleeding does not sound like any picnic I'd like to attend.

Hoffman sports rain gear from L.L. Bean, with antibiotic bag.
Fortunately I have zero chance of getting this disease since there are no fruit bats around here and no people who are currently sick with the illness. (Most of my neighbors never even leave Maine.) I've got my usual ailments which are so silly and minor it's a wonder I ever gave them a second thought; what's a little skin cancer, arthritis or high blood pressure compared to one's liver and kidneys bleeding out?

So today will be a day spent celebrating my good health and praying that the current outbreak does not turn into that 1995 movie starring Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman and that weird Renee Russo who is sort of attractive except for her jaw is on crooked. Anyway, it was aptly entitled "Outbreak" and if you missed it you should find it on Netflix or somewhere because it is a hoot! And this is the perfect time to see it, just to up your paranoia about the current Ebola epidemic.

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