Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life's Mud Season

                                                                     Gordon Studer
Waking up this morning, soon enough it became clear that today was the day to rearrange the furniture. This happens to me, and probably you too, when things are stale, dull and unexciting. For some reason, having the couch over there and the chairs over there, with that table against the window instead of the other one and that rug right in the middle of things and not hidden underneath the coffee table, makes everything fresh and new. Well, at least the living room.

If only we could do that with ourselves, life would always be a precious jewel instead of a worn pair of slippers with a hole in the toe. Slogging away in our old routines, it's hard to remember that we have choices, that there are possibilities. We get stuck in our ruts and it's tough to get out.

Maybe I'll shave my head later.

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