Sunday, June 29, 2014

We Keep Evolving

There's war in Iraq, a growing AIDS epidemic in New York State and a glut of illegal immigrants at the South Texas border, none of which seems to improve, causing us all to wonder just who's in charge here. I say forget the politicians; it's the bakers who will save the day. Just when things look really bleak, the deep thinkers at Nabisco have produced something to cheer about: Limeaid Oreos are in your supermarket now! Early reviews are positive, with consumers and food critics saying, "they taste like Skittles between two cookies," and how yummy does that sound?

Those people are always thinking; last summer they came up with a watermelon Oreo, and since then have experimented with lemon and berry flavors. At approximately 50 calories each, each cookie contains absolutely nothing beneficial to the human body, so you can eat them with abandon if you are into self-punishment. However, taken with a glass of milk they can be downright healthy, so go easy.

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