Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back"

Oh come on, that is not racist of me to say. Everyone knows that expression, everyone says that expression all the time, and we all know it's true. In fact, it's true for me: I am hooked on having a black president making us all feel so egalitarian, I just want a better one, not a dummy like-- you know.

So who might it be? While there are many fine black leaders who spring to mind, my all-time dream candidate would be Juan Williams, the incredibly articulate and fair-minded news analyst often seen doing battle on FOX News. But surely he's not about to give up his lucrative career in broadcasting for the miasma known as politics. Of course there's Condi who could certainly ace the job, and she's a woman just like Hillary alleges to be, so that would level the playing field. But Condi also wants to have a nice life and I hear she likes to play the piano and is heavy into sports. Therefore, The Daily Droid endorses Dr. Ben Carson for president in 2016. As for his campaign slogan, see the title of this post.

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