Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lisbon Trumps Barcelona

Happily, we left Barcelona this morning. Fortunately my husband was well enough to board a plane, after 24 hours laid low with bad food poisoning. It's a wonder I did not also succumb, considering that almost every crummy morsel of food I ate there was atrocious: not tasty, poorly prepared or downright unrecognizable. Expensive too, literally adding insult to injury.

Hating all of Europe after a week in that unfriendly city where nobody makes eye contact and nobody speaks English, or French for that matter, and toying with returning home early, we instead plowed on to Portugal, and thank God we did. Lisbon is a wonderland, and I think maybe we will just send for our things and stay here forever. Or at least until we sample all the pastries.

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