Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Now I'm Asking for Money

It is so annoying when the power goes out, like in a storm. It's a real drag: No lights, no Internet, no TV, no nothing. I hate it. So then you drag out all the stuff-- the candles, the lanterns, the flashlights-- and hope the lights come back on before nightfall. Pretty soon the food in the fridge becomes an issue, with everything on the way to ruin. (Dammit, we just bought ice cream!)

Imagine that on top of all that, your entire home is flooded. Or perhaps gone. Everything you ever had that shows you are you: the photographs, the trophies, the papers, the clothing, and all the treasures purchased over the years. What you have left, if you are not dead, is your body, hopefully with some clothing still on it. Maybe some family members remain, or maybe they floated away too. And where are the cats? What about the dog? The birds, the fish, the gerbils, the bunnies, whatever....all gone.

That's the scene in the Philippines this morning for many thousands of people following the super typhoon that clobbered them five days ago. Mitch and I sent $200 to the Red Cross which is way less than a drop in the bucket, but still it might help one person eat a meal or get a blanket. I hope everyone reading this can send something too. Why not do it right now?

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