Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mindful Giving

Considering this blog as a cross between a public service and a desperate cry for help, I like to, as the holidays approach, aid those harried shoppers who celebrate Christmas in finding just the right gift for the loved ones on their lists. To that end, I cull the many catalogs that cram my mailbox and study them, usually while sitting on the toilet. In step with today's political correctness, all the items come from Uncommon Goods, whose stated mission is "to wow you and yours with creative and thoughtful gifts." This year's selections are chosen with specific family and friends in mind.

Vegetable Cuffs
For the Fashionable Foodie: Vegetable Parchment Cuff, handmade from fruit and vegetable slices that are cured, pressed, dried and fused onto copper. Choose Beet, Watermelon Radish or Purple Potato. $40; also available in earrings.

Duck Family
For the Just Plain Dumb: Reclaimed Wood Duck Family, hand-carved by Indonesian artists from recycled bamboo root and teakwood. In case you didn't notice, they are wearing raincoats so they are perfect for outdoors. $20-40.

For the Enlightened Idiot: Spirit Candles carry a secret deep within--an elegant bronze sculpture that is revealed as the wax melts. Choose Embrace, Dance or Rejoice. $24, 6" high.
Spirit Candles

Oil & Vinegar Set

For the Animal Lover: Weiner Dog Oil & Vinegar Set
Little corks and a funnel for filling these glass bottles shaped like dogs "help prevent embarrassing puddles." $30.

For the Gullible Sports Nut: Baseball Bat Bottle Openers, handmade from authentic, game-used bats
Baseball Bat Bottle Openers
swung by major league players. $85-$125.

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