Saturday, September 21, 2013

Timing is Everything

Although the election is still 17 months away, someone named Eliot Cutler has announced he is running for governor here in Maine. Once again, the Independent candidate will reprise his role as a spoiler in the three-way race in 2014. When I heard him speak the last time at a neighbor's casual backyard "meet and greet," the most interesting thing I learned was the recipe for the delightfully spicy guacamole, and that wasn't even from him. (What set it apart was a healthy infusion of freshly chopped cilantro---who knew?)

As usual, I wonder what inner mechanism makes all those politicians who lost come back for more. Are they older and wiser, or just older? More determined to do good, or just more desperate to repair a wounded ego? Whatever the reason, it seems awfully early to start the droning. If only they showed up a month or two before Election Day, brimming with fresh ideas, maybe more people would pay attention.

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