Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'll Never Tell

A recent post in this space earned me the following comment from a reader: "TMI!" Surprised, since I rarely divulge anything personal to anyone, let alone strangers on the Internet, I read over the offending few paragraphs closely to see what might have been the cause of concern. The only things that were remotely personal were my saying that I had written in the past about smoking pot and baking marijuana brownies, thus admitting to both, and the fact that my husband is 11 years younger and is still "a hot guy." TMI? If that still means "too much unpleasant, private information I didn't need to know," I'm confused.

Three things: First, this is a blog, and it's my blog, so we are starting there. Next, the number of people who have seen me either smoke pot or eat marijuana brownies in the past would be way more than 3.5 million if we are counting Woodstock attendees, so it's not like it's a secret. And last, anyone who has met my husband or even seen him from a distance knows he is sort of "a hunk," the result of a diligent workout routine, careful diet and natural good looks--sorry, but also no secret. So what, exactly, did I divulge that was so personal that would cause someone to shout "TMI!"?

Not sure, but let me state clearly and for the record: Relax--anything I divulge here is so impersonal as to be written by someone else. I might tell a lot of stories, but none of the ones that matter are ever heard by more than a select few, if anyone at all. And perhaps the greatest thing about the human brain is that, at least up til now, nobody can see inside it, so contrary to the popular saying, "You're reading my mind," nobody can.

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